Advanced agriculture techniques

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Advanced Methods in Agriculture

Water Scarcity

Nowhere else is the water crisis more acute than in the MENA region. Next to food security, water scarcity represents the region’s greatest threat to human and ecological security. The lack and inefficient use of water have caused droughts, soil salinity and pollution, land subsidence, and rural exodus.

The agriculture sector in the Middle East has undergone many changes. The challenge is to conduct agriculture with minimum amounts of water. Modern irrigation systems and hydroponics are being increasingly engaged. Farmers are switching to organic farming.

Through sustainable agriculture, the Middle East aims to ensure sustainable food production systems and implement resilient agricultural practices that increase productivity and production, that help maintain ecosystems.

The answer to achieving sustainable food production on a large scale could be found in the fourth industrial revolution. If properly developed, next-generation technology has the potential to provide affordable, abundant and quality food without the environmental side effects associated with modern farming.

Actuating technologies and innovative sensing along with improved information and communication technologies have provided the potential for fast agricultural inventions. Besides, the full exploitation of modern engineering advances will always require traditional agricultural methods and machinery management processes to be revisited.

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