Driving Sustainability Strategy through Digital Transformation

The integration of Digital Transformation and sustainability means embracing digital in all aspects of business, it means transformation across all echelons of an enterprise because culture is transformed

Digital Transformation on Purpose

Contemporary digital technologies are hailed by tech companies, governments, and academics as leading-edge solutions to the challenges of environmental sustainability; smarter homes, more persuasive technologies, and a robust Internet of Things hold the promise for creating a greener world.

Deployments of interactive technologies for such purposes often lead to a paradox: they algorithmically “optimize” heating and lighting of houses without regard to the dynamics of daily life in the home;

The Proposed Solutions collect and display data that allow us to reflect on energy and emissions.

Digital transformation applications allow us to share best practices for sustainable living through social networking and online communities.

As we are moving into the ‘fourth industrial revolution’, powerful connected digital tools and processes are allowing us to have greater mastery and understanding of sustainability implications of given design choices.

Cybersecurity : Securing the Digital Transformation

Embedding cybersecurity into digital transformation is a must for business resilience

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